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We love hearing from the people who matter most. Here are some great testimonials written by residents and family members.

I’ve been at the facility for 7 years now and I am very satisfied with the staff here. The therapy dept. is great. I recommend this place for anyone looking for a place to stay until you recover.

-Daniel Kus

My husband had 2 brain surgeries (mets to brain, with lung cancer primary) since January 8, 2021 at Sloan Kettering in NYC. On May 7th, he was admitted into Allaire Rehab not able to walk, talk or use his right arm. The staff was incredibly wonderful and attentive as well as the rehab team. He has made tremendous progress and was just released today on July 6, 2021 – now able to walk unassisted with a walker, talk much better and his right arm had improved immensely. We really didn’t know where his progress would go considering the extent of his surgeries, etc. but can honestly say we are so impressed with ALL his progress in such a short period of time. Thanks to the entire staff at Allaire! We cannot thank them enough and are so grateful they have such an amazing rehab program. My husband also made some great connections with some of the residents staff there and we both plan on paying them a visit periodically with some goodies as my husband loves his cookies and cakes 🙂

Thank you again!!!

-Krisi C.

Hi, my name is Judy Holston. I had a stroke 16 years ago. It left me paralyzed on my left side. Today, in our amazing therapy department, I walked on my own without my cane. I’m so excited!

-Judith Holston

There are so many activities at Allaire that everyone can find something they love.

-Carol K.

The computer lab is a place I can go and forget about any disabilities I have and enjoy myself.

-Danny B.

I love the variety of activities offered at Allaire, especially the different types of bingo, and I love that the staff plays until I win.

-Sharon Y.

The staff at Allaire showed me that my dreams of becoming an architect were not over because of my disability. Allaire has given me new hope.

-Stanley W.

The staff were highly attentive to my needs and after being admitted in bad shape I walked out on my own two feet fully recovered! From the moment I came to Allaire I knew I was in the right place.

-Walter S.

Allaire Rehab & Nursing, 115 Dutch Lane Rd, Freehold Township, NJ 07728, USA

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