We love hearing from the people who matter most. Here are some great testimonials written by residents and family members.

-Judith Holston

Hi, my name is Judy Holston. I had a stroke 16 years ago. It left me paralyzed on my left side. Today, in our amazing therapy department, I walked on my own without my cane. I’m so excited!

-Carol K.

There are so many activities at Allaire that everyone can find something they love.

-Danny B.

The computer lab is a place I can go and forget about any disabilities I have and enjoy myself.

-Sharon Y.

I love the variety of activities offered at Allaire, especially the different types of bingo, and I love that the staff plays until I win.

-Stanley W.

The staff at Allaire showed me that my dreams of becoming an architect were not over because of my disability. Allaire has given me new hope.

-Walter S.

The staff were highly attentive to my needs and after being admitted in bad shape I walked out on my own two feet fully recovered! From the moment I came to Allaire I knew I was in the right place.