Ask The Expert – World Alzheimer’s Month

Judith R. from Howell asks:
“My mother has Alzheimer’s and it seems to be getting worse. I don’t think I’ll be able to care for her much longer. How do I know when to move her into a nursing home?”


Hi Judith,

I know this is a very difficult question to ask yourself but I’m glad you reached out.
There are some things to look for when deciding on if it’s time to move someone
with Alzheimer’s into a nursing home:

  • Are they getting aggressive toward you? Either physically or verbally?
  • Are their needs larger than what you can provide?
  • Are they safe in their current home?
  • Have they begun wandering?
  • Is their care severely impacting your life?

If the answer to one or more of these questions is “yes”, then you should start looking into moving her into a facility. This all starts with a conversation. If you have siblings or other close family, talk with them. You do not have to make this decision alone. It’s important that you have this conversation early as well, before the situation becomes an emergency.

From there, research facilities to ensure that you are putting your mom somewhere safe that can take care of her specific needs. There are different types of nursing homes (e.g. Assisted Living, Residential Care, Continued Care Communities, Skilled Nursing Facilities) for you to consider. It completely depends on the specific needs of your mom and what each facility offers.

Be sure you visit the facility before the move to help your mother with the transition and ease her mind. Check out the amenities offered. Make sure you are putting your mom in a place that’s comfortable for her and you.

When researching facilities, come by Allaire Rehab & Nursing for a visit! Here at Allaire, we provide long term care to the elderly, infirm and disabled, treating a wide range of complex medical conditions. In our warm and optimistic environment, our team of caregivers provides round the clock skilled nursing care, addressing each patient’s overall well-being with compassion and dignity. Our outstanding therapeutic recreation program enriches our residents’ daily lives, providing the social interaction and daily stimulation that are so essential to well-being. With plenty of recreation and daily activities, we make sure our residents have plenty of opportunities for socialization and relaxation.

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Good luck with your mom and I hope to see you soon at Allaire!

September marks the 8th World’s Alzheimer month, an international campaign every September to raise awareness and challenge the stigma that surrounds dementia. Find out more at


Meghan Gouveia is the Director of Community Relations for Allaire Rehab & Nursing. Please submit all inquiries to