Horizons at Allaire: New Vistas In Neurological Care in Monmouth County


February 23, 2017. Leading neurological specialists often state that where an individual goes for rehabilitation after a brain injury or when diagnosed with a neurological condition can make all the difference in maximizing their patients’ potential for recovery and their quality of life.

Furthermore, people faced with the many challenges associated with Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) know that If you’re looking for a center specialized in neurological rehabilitation in New Jersey, Allaire Rehab & Nursing is the right address.

Awarded a 5 Star rating by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid (CMS), and ranked among the Best Nursing Homes In The Nation by the US News & World Report, Allaire has gained renown in the community for offering a resort-like luxurious environment that features the latest in rehab technology – and comfort!

Centrally located in Freehold, Allaire is celebrated for its Horizons Program dedicated to the specific needs of individuals, ages 18 to 50, who have experienced Traumatic Brain Injury or have been diagnosed with other neurological impairments such as Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Cerebral Palsy (CP) or suffer from conditions such as Spina Bifida.

Directed by a leading neurologist and staffed by specialty trained nursing and rehab professionals, Horizons at Allaire provides goal-oriented neuro rehabilitation and management focused on helping patients maximize responsiveness and develop new strategies to adapt to their challenges.

“After a neurological diagnosis or injury, people often feel overwhelmed, and the recovery ahead can look daunting to them” says Benjamin Kurland LNHA, RAC-CT Administrator at Allaire. “We are dedicated to the clinical, social-emotional and spiritual needs of our patients, and are proud to be the only Special Care Nursing Facility (SCNF) in the state of New Jersey to offer long term care for individuals who suffer from neurological impairment”.

Offering an elegant, state-of-the-art environment, meaningful activities tailored to each patient’s level of ability, an on-site technology center outfitted with 25 adaptable computers available for recreational and social use, and amenities that include large flat screen smart TV’s and bistro dining with Kosher, Indian and Russian options, it is easy to see why Horizons at Allaire is Ben Kurland’s pride and joy, and why the Brain Injury Alliance of New Jersey is recognizing him in their upcoming Annual 2017 Gala as a person who has made a significant contribution to advancing the quality of life of people with brain injury.

Licensed for 174 beds and dedicated to patients with long-term neurological impairment, Horizons at Allaire is at the forefront of neuro rehab in the State of New Jersey. For more information please contact Lisa Torre, Program Manager at 732 431-7420 or visit horizonsatallaire.com.