Bringing Margelle Back to Her Children, A Horizons Success Story

In September of 2020, 39-year-old Margelle Rosario was in a car accident that changed her life. She woke up in hospital, bedridden, with no memory of this traumatic event. Margelle, who is a mother to three children (aged 17, 11 and 2) was diagnosed with a serious concussion, multiple fractures to her legs, and severe injuries to her face and hands. “I didn’t think I would ever walk again,” she says. “It felt like I had to start all over – learning like a baby. It was a struggle and I had to keep pushing myself. My children are my reason for everything. I had to get back to them.”

Margelle arrived at Allaire Rehab & Nursing following her acute stay at Jersey Shore University Medical Center. Unable to bear weight on all four extremities, she had a long rehab road ahead, one that involved rigorous occupational, physical and speech therapies. Her neurological diagnosis and young age meant she qualified for Allaire’s specialized Horizons Neurological Program, which provided her with continuous therapy, even after her insurance no longer covered therapeutic intervention.

Allaire is the only special care nursing facility in the state of New Jersey that offers long term care with therapy for those suffering from neurological impairment. Had she been in a regular nursing home, Margelle’s recovery would likely have been much longer, but because she qualified for Allaire’s unique Horizons Neurological Program she was able to get unlimited therapy, as well as the physical and emotional support she needed to return home in less than a year. With the support of the Horizons team, Margelle began the slow process of recovery.

“On days when I was down, Christine, my therapist, would tell me, ‘You got this!’ and ‘You can do this!’,” Margelle says. “She was so persistent and helpful; she gave me the right words of encouragement and made my days better.”

With perseverance, hard work, and a strong family support system in place, Margelle is now independent with all activities of daily living and has regained her mobility with the use of a cane. Her quality of life has improved greatly since the accident, and she was discharged and able to return home so she can once again independently care for her three children.

Although her journey was challenging, the time Margelle spent at Allaire Rehab & Nursing was meaningful. “When you are here for a while you grow a bond with all of the staff,” she explains. “I even made lifetime friends with some of the residents. This place has a piece of my heart.”

Click below to watch some of Margelle’s graduation!


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